Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Happy 4 years!

Today sees us celebrate 4 happy years of marriage! Seems a life time ago and only yesterday at the same time. Got a lovely cat card from Mr T and below is the card I made for him. It had to be big to hold the message I wrote so its pretty large, hence a whole doily doesn't take over the space!

We will be celebrating properly tomorrow night by recreating our first proper date! (Not the one at the pub where we checked out that each other wasn't a weirdo!)


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  2. Oh!

    Happy belated wedding anniversary, Mr & Mrs T! I hope you had a fantastic date and what a fabulous card you made for him. Clearly a woman of many talents :D

    I've only had a little look at your blogs and they look fantastic. I'll have a good look later because I'm going to help my sister-in-law with her wedding invitations. I'm sure you've many wonderful ideas to share.

    Really, I love your craftwork. The things you never know about people... Be in touch soon!

    Nik x


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