Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Look what I grew!

This is what I made our dinner with tonight! I was so surprised because for the longest time I was sure that my grow-your-own efforts had come to nothing. All of a sudden we're surrounded by edible treats! These delights were made into a tasty gratin along with aubergine, tomatoes and garlic with basil. Yum!
As it's been so hot here recently we took the opportunity to take the babies out for a paddle at a local pond. It was glorious and the babas lurved it!


  1. lovely babies and glad your veg is now growing best wishes Lelsey x

  2. Lovely pic Cate, local pond??? Can't make out where you are!!
    Glad it's cooled off a bit but I hope we continue to have summery weather. Enjoying the air show? Luv B xxx

  3. Hi Brenda
    The pond is Frensham pond (the big one). Just like going to the beach as there's sand and all the kids were paddling/swimming about and building sand castles.
    Air show was amazing to watch from my parents back garden. How do they fly those planes so low?!
    Hope you are well.
    C x


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