Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I'm back!

Apologies for my absence. I've been rather unwell with conjunctivitis in both eyes since Saturday and was barely able to see! Forunately my eyes are getting better now, but I'm afraid it means I have no new projects to share.

However I've returned to the blogging world to find that I've received a blogger award!Conditions of receiving this award is that I have to mention the person who gave it to me (Amy), tell you 7 things about me and then pass it onto 7 bloggers!

1. I have been crafty all my life, but have been making cards/scrapbooks for 13 years
2.Growing vegetables, keeping chickens and living an eco-lifestyle are a passion
3. I have a gorgeous 19 month old daugther and fabulous husband
4. I joined Stampin' Up! in November 2008 and just can't get enough of their products!
5. Japanese cuisine is my favourite cuisine and I'd love to visit Japan one day
6. My father is a melting pot of nationalities so I have English, Irish and Indian blood in me
7. Reading is a big hobby - I love chick-lit and how-to books

The bloggers I'd like to pass this award onto are:

1. Vicky at Crafting Clare's
2. Tashi & Bobo
3. Elizabeth's Craftroom
4. Mrs Wonka & her crafting factory
5. All Things Stampy
6. Monica
7. Natalie

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  1. Ah - thank you so much for your blog award. I really appreciate it. X


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