Saturday, 25 July 2009

DVD case labels

As diversionary tactic to avoid doing preparations for my Open House event tomorrow, I decided to make some labels for our extensive DVD collection. To keep storage to a minimum we've removed every DVD from its plastic box and put it into a neat little DVD case. The only problem is that we now have 4 cases on the go. This has meant that it's potluck which case you'll get when you pick one, although we had kept them in strict order, strict rules are not something I am good a keeping to!
So the labels... I used more chipboard and covered them with leftover pieces of coordinating paper. The labels were printed haphazardly with individual letter stamps and then mounted on contrasting paper. Ribbons and buttons were added for texture. The ribbon attaching the labels to the cases was wire ribbon so it's extra sturdy and then labels don't flap about too much. Hey presto! A simple but effective bit of organisation.

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