Friday, 9 April 2010

Happy anniversary to us!

Today is our first wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe a year as passed so quickly. So much has changed: we have bought our first house together, had a baby, got chickens and become ridiculously Surrey.
Still, it was a great excuse to use my pretty Bride DSP paper on this card for my gorgeous husband. I love this paper so much... if only it had been around when I was making our wedding invitations! I kind of stole (ahem!) I mean borrowed the idea from Monica Gale (are you spotting a pattern for my inspiration?!). The Flight Of the Butterfly is such a pretty stamp set and the matching punch makes this sort of card a breeze to make.
Tonight we're going for a meal at the venue we had our wedding reception and we're even eating the same dishes! This is great news as I was bang on 12 weeks pregnant on our wedding day and could barely breathe in my wedding dress, let alone eat anything the entire day!!
Have a great sunny day and I hope to see you at my Open House this weekend.


  1. gorgeous card and happy anniversary
    best wishes
    Lesley x

  2. Congratulations. Hope you have a wonderful evening and babysitter organised. Lovely card to give hubby.
    Take care. LOL Bxxx

  3. Happy belated Anniversary my lovely Cate. hugs xx


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