Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Small person creation

No my 6-month old is not that advanced.... this card was made by my God-daughter (8 years old) this morning. Isn't it sweet?
The funny thing was I put out loads of stuff - some Stampin Up! some not - and she zoomed straight in on the SU stuff! What a compliment. Weirdly she chose Easter as her theme. I asked her whether this was to get ahead for next Easter but she said it was for this Easter, even though that's over a week ago! Still, better late than never.

I've not been feeling to great recently. I think it's just tiredness as the little one, who has always slept through at night, had started getting up at 4am since the clocks changed. Plus I had crafty things on 5 days last week. I guess you can't have it all. So this week I am focusing on being a Mummy and not worrying so much about everything else I need to do. Well, that's the plan....

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