Saturday, 4 June 2011

This is a project I've had going on for a while. I really wanted it to be a video but our camera has gone bonkers so I'm not able to upload it. However, the sweet little book is really fun to make. It is constructed from a single sheet of A4. I'm so proud as it is my own design!

It's basically a sheet of A4 cut into four strips and scored to be folded into a mini book. It's just the right size for those small photos you can have printed where you get 4 prints per 4"x6" print.

Perfect as a brag book for grandparents or to show a few important family photos in your handbag...

Here is another example. The top one was made with Play Date papers and the one just above now was made from Blueberry Crisp papers.

Here's the pair together. Hope you like and maybe you'll give it a try? If you do I'd love to see how you decorate yours.

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