Friday, 1 July 2011

Sew lovely gift

Hi all, have survived yesterday and feel much more peaceful. Sadly I'm still not sleeping but the silver-lining to that is more time to craft!

Relatives have been visited and one of my Aunts admired the sewing themed papers in the Mini catalogue so I made her this:

It's based loosely on a tutorial by Michelle Last although I altered the basic construction pieces to make it from A4 rather than 12x12 and changed the way the fastening works.

Here is a picture of the insides:

So as you can see there are cute notecards. I didn't add sentiments as this aunt lives in France and I haven't ant French sentiments (yet!)

I'm giving it to her shortly as a 'bon voyage' gift.

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  1. What a lovely thought, I'm sure she'll really appreciate the time and effort you went to for such a lovely gift.

    Keep smiling my lovely
    Julie x


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