Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Coffee cup

Ok, so the guilt has got too much... I need to blog. If I leave it any longer I might forget how to post!

It's been a mad time. Munchkin turned 2, DH had tonsilitis, parties, Peppa Pig World and major infected finger took over. But I'm back with you now.

Here is a coffee cup I customised:

You can buy them in a famous Seattle originated coffee shop and they come apart to allow you to decorate them. I used strips of patterned paper and then glued and sewed them together to make a sleeve that can be slipped in. The great thing is I can make one for all different days/outfits/drinks!!!

Now for a Munchkin update. As I mentioned our little angel has turned TWO!

This is her at the park yesterday:

Here she is playing with her lil friend:

Aren't they adorable together? Surprisingly they get along quite well and it is hilarious when they chat to each other!

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