Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wedding day

Morning all. I meant to blog this yesterday but it was such a hectic day that it just didn't happen!

My sister in law tied the knot at an intimate ceremony yesterday
morning! To celebrate I made them this card:

It's copied from one by Jenni Pauli the number 1 German demonstrator. Although I did change the stamp sets used and also changed the colours to Pool Party instead of pink as that is one of my SIL's favourite colours.

Munchkin had a cute miniature bouquet to match the brides, full of spring flowers:

She was very over excited and dashed about like a whirlwind at the (literal) wedding breakfast!

Here's a snap of the happy couple:

They've jetted off on honeymoon to New Zealand now, and we wish them lots of happiness together!!!

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  1. Beautiful card. That will explain why i didn't see you at work yesterday then! x


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