Monday, 22 March 2010

Easter Basket

This basket was inspired by one I saw on Linda Lloyd's site (aka Gadget Monkey). I adapted it to suit me by using my Big Shot box die to make the base of the basket and then white strips were adhered to create a white picket fence look. I then got stamping and punching butterflies to decorate the basket.
It was incredibly quick to make which is handy as I am making them to sell at a fair next Saturday (although I only decided to do it yesterday afternoon!). So I will be v busy this week making sure I have plenty of goodies to sell! By the way, if you've got an ideas for quick Easter themed things to make please let me know via the comments as I could do with some more ideas.
The only thing I am not happy about on it is the grass as I should have used one continuous strip instead of separate ones for each side to prevent a bit of blue showing right on the bend.

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