Saturday, 14 April 2012

Last night

Was training night! Lovely Diane ran a class for demos to make this lovely waterfall book - originally inspired by Jenny Moors.

Each book ended up completely different and mine was based on chickens!

The inside was decorated with pirouette pink swirls from Everything Eleanor and sponging in Crumb Cake.

On the inside is a tab you pull to make the pages move - like a waterfall!

This Top note could be where a message is written for the recipient. As you can see mine is blank as I didn't have anyone in mind at the time of making it.

This weekend promises to be a fun family one as we have lots of time to hang out. Already lovely husband has made me a delicious breakfast so we are off to a good start!


  1. I love your chicken card - just fab!

  2. I'm really pleased you enjoyed the evening - it was lovely to see everyone and catch up on the news!


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