Monday, 16 August 2010

Photo challenges

Ok so last night I felt that I should be entering the photo challenges on the weekend crop. So here are my entries. This first photo is for the Get Close competition. It's a close up of some violas that I have grown in my garden. I am so proud of these flowers. I sowed them really late and for ages they were tiny bits of green. Now they are awash with colour. This picture is great because it captures the flowers behind the yellow ones for even more depth! This second photo was also taken in my garden. It's a picture of a Calendula flower, which again I grew from seed. This looks like the epitome of nature in summer - a bright yellow flower with silky petals. Yum! This second picture is my entry in the Nature prize draw.

The last photo entry I have is of my fridge. This is my entry for the At Home competition. I love this picture because my 10 month old managed to create this scene of destruction in mere minutes! Mess like this has become a familiar sight ever since the Munchkin learned to crawl!!!

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