Friday, 22 June 2012

Breakaway butterflies

This card was a bit of an experiment. To be honest I am not sure what I thought of the result but I thought I should share it as you might have some good ideas/comments.

I used a few scraps of DSP from the colour family stacks. The butterfly punch cut out the shapes that were then "reconstructed"! Pretty quick and simple but I feel like something is missing...

Anyway, the greeting is from You're Cherished, a set from the Simply Sent range. I added a rhinestone and a few glimmer brads to finish...

All comments and suggestions are gratefully received.


  1. I really like it too! I can't see what could be missing.. As someone who likes symmetry and balance here are my suggestions for tweaks:
    - there is a border at the sides and poss at the bottom but not at the top - u cld try stopping the strips a few mm before the top edge to 'frame' the card?
    - you could also try using consistent colour brads (is that the right word?!) - so all purple, or pink in the middle and purple ones on the outside, or sth?

    But if I received it as it is I'd be most pleased!

    Lots of love. Han xx

  2. Thanks Amy & Hannah!

    I will try and give the layout another go at some point soon. This weekend appears to have been taken up by 3D projects but I am sure I'll be on the card bandwagon again shortly!


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