Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Earbud pouch

As my cofidence with sewing has grown I thought I'd try something a bit more tricky. On my third attempt I have finally made a pouch I am pretty happy with using the Twitterpated fabrics:
I used a tutorial by Erin Erickson which you can read here. As the project is so small it comes together in less than half an hour. At least my third one did.

Here are my other attempts:

Attempt 1:This was a failure because the wadding I used was much too thick. The fabric here is Candy Cane.
 Attempt 2: I am not happy with this as it's not really circular. It just looks peculiar!! The fabric here is Delicate Doilies.

Still, I can definately see my skills improving so that 's a good thing.


  1. Hello C! Good job! I am terrible at zips so v impressed with this :)

    A tip that I picked up from a quilting workshop: if your wadding is too thick, even once your project's been made, you can 'flatten' it somewhat by ironing it and pressing firmly (make sure your fabric and ribbons etc are iron-able first though!)


  2. Aw thanks Hannah!

    Will give that a go and see if I can redeem the first two attempts!



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