Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sewing Machine overload

The past week or so has given my sewing machine such a workout it doesn't know what's hit it! I've got the bug it seems, so old clothes have been repaired and I've been rummaging through sale rails to find bargain t-shirts to cut up.

Here is my first one to show you. It was made with a XXL mens t-shirt so that I had fabric spare to gather.
 Here is a back view. My DH was such a darling and said that it looked like I'd put my top on back to front when I showed him but I am sure that's just his mad humour. At least I hope it is!
 This second one was an XXL long-sleeved t-shirt which I altered to make it 3/4 length fitted sleeves. Not the most flattering photo of me but I was attempting to cook dinner whilst I took this photos so speed was of the essence!
 The excess length that was cut off the body part was sewn on as pleating down the front. I couldn't resist using some Baja Breeze satin pleated ribbon too!
This dream-like photo gives you a bit more of a close up. I am not sure what happened with the lighting there but hey-ho!

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